Disaster Management

Madisa as a leader in disaster management engages in raising public awareness and education of people living in regions more prone to disasters

project active

Climate Monitoring

Climate early warning system using latest technologies to warn the general public, prevent and prepare against disasters especially in hisk risk disater zones

project under development

CO2 Levels reduction

Reducing high levels of C02 is crucial, Madisa is working on encouraging adoption of renewable energy especially in rural areas to reduce deforastation

project in early phase of development

Sustainable Development Goals

Contributing toward Rwandan SDGS in order to fight against poverty, achieving food security, providing quality education, Sustainable management of water, healthy lives

project active

Clean water for the rural areas

Clean water as one of the SDGS is also one of the most important, ensuring availability and Sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

project under development

Relief for affected areas

Relief for affected areas takes various forms, from materials to rebuild houses, food and clothing items, seed for replanting crops, replanting trees, rebuilding schools and hosptitals, installing early warning systems

project ongoing

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